When is my PC data available in the Applixure dashboard?

Applixure collects data from every PC that has the Applixure Agent software installed. We recommend installing the agent software to all your PCs as soon as you start using Applixure.

While Applixure is still gathering data, information such as the Service Scores or software application usage frequency is only preliminary. This is because some of Applixure’s data is based on active monitoring.

Typically the Service Scores are initially very high and come down as more information becomes available and more potential issues are discovered from your PCs.

The following table explains the data availability after agent installation.


About 4 hours from agent installation

Initial data, based on assessment of the PCs inventory, is available in the Applixure dashboard.

You can now view basic computer details and inventory of installed software on each PC. Some warnings or alerts are already shown if any issues have been discovered from the PCs.

About one week from agent installation

Some of the activity monitoring -based information becomes available, such as average user logon times.

Note that some data depends on sufficient activity having been observed on the PC, such as user logging on and off.

2-4 weeks from agent installation

Full PC data is available in the Applixure dashboard, including software usage levels (provided that the applications have been used during this period).

Service Scores should now provide an accurate analysis of your PC environment. You can now monitor your overall PC environment health, plan improvement actions and react to warnings and alerts.

For most accurate scoring, make sure that Applixure Agents have been installed on all your PCs.

Note that

  • Each new agent installation requires the same data gathering period. So, if you add multiple new computers to Applixure, the overall Service Scores may be inaccurate until latest agents have also had enough time to monitor and send data. Note also, that for larger deployments (multiple tens of Agents and more), effect of an individual PC for Service Scores becomes less significant.
  • After making changes to a PC, such as installing new software or changing PC components, it can take several hours for the basic information to be updated on the Applixure Dashboard. Updating the full Device Score may take up to one day.


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