What are Applixure Scores?

Applixure Scores give you a quick overview of the current health of your entire PC environment, specific areas or individual computer or software assets.

Scores are very useful, simplified metrics that monitor long-term changes and trends in your PC environment.

There are two kinds of scores: overall scores calculated for your entire PC environment and asset scores calculated for individual PCs or software products.

Service Scores and area scores

The Service Score on the main Applixure dashboard tells you the overall health of your computer environment. The individual area scores for Devices, Software, Performance & Issues and Use tell you the health of these respective areas.

To see short and long-term changes and trends in the scores, view and scale the score trend chart.

Asset scores for individual PCs and software

Asset scores for individual PCs and software products tell you how well a particular asset is currently working. The asset scores are shown in the device and software lists and on the individual asset pages.

Asset scores in the device list

Asset scores on an individual asset page

What are Benchmark Scores?

The Benchmark Score shown next to the Service Score is calculated from all current Applixure installations from all Applixure customer organizations.

The main benchmark value is the median average of all overall scores. If your score is higher than this, your environment health is better than 50% of Applixure’s customers.

The secondary benchmark is the mean average of the overall service score for the top 5% of all organizations running Applixure.

The benchmarks are calculated from all organizations in all countries with over 100 computers in their Applixure environments. Geographic areas, organization sizes or industries do not affect the benchmark scores.

What is a good score?

The score rating is as follows:

  • Higher than 4.5: Very good, environment is good condition and organization likely has a competitive advantage over most others.
  • 4.0 to 4.5: Good. Most employees get their work done without any major issues and the environment is well-managed.
  • 3.0 to 3.9: Normal: Some systematic productivity and technical issues, or unoptimized environment.
  • 2.0 to 2.9: Passable: Number of issues, with sub-optimal or unoptimized environment.
  • 1.0 to 1.9: Bad: Lots of productivity and other issues, with very sub-optimal environment.

Please note that these ratings categories are only meant as indicative based on how much issues Applixure is able to detect. There may be other factors affecting usability of devices or applications that are not currently monitored by Applixure.

How can I improve my scores?

Broadly speaking, the most straightforward way to improve your scores is to try and reduce the number of alerts (and warnings) as well as affected assets listed in those alerts. Scoring relates to the number of issues found – and to a lesser extent what proportion of devices and software out of all are experiencing those issues – so less things listed translates to the higher score.

Especially if you have a score less than 3.0, we recommend investigating further that particular area or individual asset. Identify and fix potential issues and react to warnings and alerts.

While doing so, please keep in mind that for some of the issues that Applixure monitors – such as crashes in operating system or applications – cannot be known to be resolved to Applixure until sufficient time has elapsed without further incidents, while some category of issues – such as disk space running out, batteries in poor condition etc. – are immediately seen as "fixed". Improvements in the first category of issues tend to be reflected in score with some delay, whereas the latter kind of issues will be reflected in the scoring as soon as they are resolved, and data is received and processed from Applixure Agents.

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