How can I utilize Applixure Scores?

Applixure Scores give you a quick overview of the current health of your entire PC environment, specific areas or individual computer or software assets

Utilizing Service Scores and area-specific Scores

The Service Score and area-specific scores, such as Devices and Software, provide several possibilities:

  • Get a quick understanding of the overall health of your PC environment.
  • Use the scores to identify and prioritize key development areas with most impact and value.
  • Monitor the long-term changes in your PC environment with the score trend charts.
  • Use the scores as metrics to set development goals.
  • Compare your PC environment to other organizations with the Benchmark Score.

Utilizing asset-specific scores for individual PCs or software products

Asset-specific scores reflect how well an individual PC or software product is working. You can view asset-specific scores in the device and software lists or on the individual computer or software product page.

Asset-specific scores allow you to quickly identify individual computers or software products that need your attention. If you spot a low score on an asset, investigate and fix the cause of the low score.


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