Applixure UI release notes for 2014-12-09

In this release, we brought to you the following new features and enhancements to existing functionality: 

  • Warnings and Alerts are now displayed in separate columns in the dashboards for purposes of clarity.

  • Software dashboard now shows number of different versions of the same product in a pie chart.

  • Device's details page now shows average startup time for that device and average time to usable desktop ("logon") time for users on that device.

    Please note, average time to usable desktop is an estimation from the time of logon start to time when most everything that loads and starts automatically during logon process should be done.

  • Devices and Software dashboards now automatically scrolls back to showing devices/software mosaic when changing the display filtering by clicking pie charts such as OS type, life-cycle status etc.

  • General speed -related enhancements.


We also fixed the following known issues and bugs: 

  • All pie charts in the Devices dashboard now properly change the filtering on the mosaic.


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