Applixure UI release notes for 2015-01-30

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality: 

  • Compliance and Costs -dashboard views are now removed from the product, and product now accordingly shows four sub-categories and service scores instead of previous six.

    The main decision driver for removal of the Compliance and Costs is the low information value provided by the said views. We believe that by removing information that ultimately did not give good value to our customers, and provided mostly non-actionable content, we can server you even better by having more focused product.

    Content in the Compliance -view that was related to the software approval and license compliance, are also now moved to the Software -view.

  • Devices listing view now supports searching from the last user information of the devices. This allows easier finding of specific users and what resources they are using, instead of having to do lookup of the name of the device they might be using beforehand.

  • A new contact/help request widget has been added to the UI for easier way to open new support request or ask for general directions regarding the usage of the product. This functionality can be found from the bottom-right corner of the screen and it can be used to submit support request directly to Applixure support.

    Once pressed, a form will be opened up with name and email address pre-filled, which you can use to send an message. Please check and correct the contact information should it be incorrect, otherwise we may not be able to contact you back. By sending the question through the form, your question will be entered into our support request system.

  • General speed and performance -related enhancements.


We also fixed the following known issues and bugs: 

  • Event history in the software and devices details -screens would show week number 53 instead of week 1. This is now corrected.


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