How Applixure Agent communicates with the cloud

While Applixure offers a cloud-based solution for measuring and analyzing the quality of the end-user computing devices, it needs to rely on a locally installable piece of software, Applixure Agent, to provide necessary data from each device to the Applixure cloud service or data platform.

Once Applixure Agent is in place and installed, it periodically communicates with the platform over the public Internet, without local server-side component installations necessary. This allows Applixure service to keep track of all the organization's devices without them needing to be inside certain network or needing to access some services using VPNs or other such technologies.

All communication done by the Applixure Agent against the Applixure platform is done through standard and secured HTTPS protocol (using standard 443 TCP port), which authenticates and encrypts the communication. No communication is done using non-standard protocol ports or methods, or using non-secured plain-text HTTP protocol. If the Agent is not able to establish secure channel to the Applixure service, no communication occurs and gathered data is kept cached locally until such opportunity next arises.


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