Applixure UI release notes for 2015-03-16

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality: 

  • Applixure now provides individual performance and issue scores for both devices and software.

    In addition to overall area-specific scores (Devices, Software, Performance & Issues and Use) that Applixure has already been calculating over all the assets in the environment, now each device and software also has score specific to that asset.

    Unlike the overall scores, which reflect on both how much there are potential issues (for example, application crashes or machine having high memory usage) as well as how well the environment is managed as whole (for example, are there any non-approved software lingering on the devices), individual asset-specific scores reflect only on the performance and issues specific to that asset. Another way to put it, individual scores quickly tells where there are problematic devices or software assets that need some attention.

    You can see individual scores for devices and software in the details -screen for that asset. Like the overall service scores, the range of values for asset -specific scores is between 1.0 (worst) and 5.0 (best).

  • Devices and Software dashboards now have pie-chart representing breakdown of device and software scores.

    By selecting a score range, the mosaic grid will filter to show only those assets with the scores in the specified range, and selecting "Show products as list" or "Show devices as list" enters the list view with the active filtering in effect.

    This allows a quick drill down and focusing on to the most problematic assets in the environment.

  • Device and software listing page now colors the sidebar according the asset score.

    When listing devices or software products, the sidebar on the left to the asset icon now shows either gray (score not yet not available), green, yellow or red coloring based on the score assigned to that asset.

  • Device and Software dashboard pie charts are now more unified in size and composition.

  • Device's details screen now shows size breakdown of all local disks vs. system disk.

  • Device's details screen now shows picture of the last logged on user, if available.

    Applixure will read the user's image or other selected avatar from the local machine, if the user has chosen to associate non-default image with the user account. This same image is shown in the Windows' logon screen.

  • Software list screen now shows product's usage on the listing instead of installation type(s).


 We also fixed the following known issues and bugs:

  • HDD size breakdown chart would fail to load if there were disks larger than 1TB, this is now fixed.
  • Devices and Software list screens would incorrectly layout on certain screen sizes, this is (hopefully) now fixed.


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