Applixure UI release notes for 2015-05-22

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality: 

  • Warnings' and alerts' pop-up descriptions now shows trend information.

    If a particular alert has been active for a month or more, Applixure now shows basic change trend information in the alert's description pop-up, telling if there are more or less affected software products or devices compared to a situation in a month ago.

  • Software details page now shows deployment types more clearly.

    Detected deployment (installation) types for individual software product has previously been shown after the product name and vendor. In this release we moved the information on a separate line underneath the product name.

    Furthermore, information displayed also now marks all those software products which have been discovered being user-installed with the text "User installed". Please note that this only tells that the software is user-installed on some of the devices, but not necessarily in all of the devices having the software.

We also fixed the following known issues and bugs:

  • Software and device detail pages would not show alert history correctly if the asset was discovered as new less than a week ago. This is now corrected and alert history shows entries (if any present) immediately in days following the discovery.
  • Mosaic grid filtering would not work for assets still not having individual score, this is now working as expected.
  • Some filtering would not work correctly in some combinations of browser's preferred language settings, this is now working as expected.



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