Applixure UI release notes for 2015-08-31

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality: 

  • Applixure UI now differentiates between installed and detected software products.

    Previously if Applixure Agent was not able to match running application into any known installed product (as usually shown in Windows' registry of installed applications), it would create new product on-the-fly based on the information gathered from the running process. While these software products would internally be tracked as being created based on the executable, and not based on information that Windows has for installed applications, the UI would still show these products as "Installed" as their deployment type.

    The process and UI has been improved to actually make this same distinction at the UI level so that all software products that Agent has not been able to match up to any known inventoried product are shown with status of "Detected/found".

    For a while, those pre-existing products that have previously been labeled as "Installed" (while actually being just detected) may show up with that label as well as the new "Detected/found".

    With the new status label, you can more easily differentiate with the products that are actually installed on the machine and ones that might be random executables that user has managed to run on a machine. Also, please be aware that some of the product marked as "Detected" may very well be false positives due to Applixure Agent not being able to connect running executable to any meaningful installed software.

  • Software dashboard now shows breakdown of deployment types.

    In the software dashboard, there is now breakdown graphs of different deployment types of software products found in the environment.

  • Score trend now support selectable time-period.

    In all main dashboard views, score trend information can now be switched between showing trend graph for last one month, 3 months, 6 months and one year, making it possible to see long-term progress. Trend information also now by default scales up to 3 months based on how much past data is available.

    Current score also shows the trend indicator arrow (going up or going down) based on the period currently selected, and the background color reflects the current score (red, yellow, green).

  • New startup time and logon time graphs on Use dashboard.

    Two new graphs has been added to Use dashboard: breakdown of average device startup time and average user logon time on the devices.

  • Basic information can now changes for Applixure user account.

    Previously only the password for Applixure user account could be changed from within Applixure UI. User's account settings including the password change are now moved into separate Settings -tab in the interface, under which "Account settings" is listed. It is now possible to change your full name as well as email address from the account settings' screen.

  • Operating system SKU can be shown.

    Actual SKU (such as "Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise") of the operating system is shown on device details screen when hovering the mouse over operating system name. The same information is also found on devices export file in "Operating system SKU" column.

  • Agent download page is simplified.

    Applixure Agent download page has been much simplified, providing easy-to-locate download buttons for various Agent versions and none of the background or technical prerequisites information. More detailed information about Agent installations has been moved to here in the Applixure HelpCenter

  • Styling updates.

    Styling and colors throughout the UI has been made more consistent and intuitive.


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