Applixure release notes for 2015-10-15

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality: 

  • We now support showing environment benchmark.

    By default all environments will show benchmarking information next to the main service score. We show both main benchmark score based on the average scoring of all the eligible environments (for reasons of removing statistical errors due to testing setups or starting phase, we do not consider environments with very small amount of agents when calculating benchmark score), as well as average of the top 5% performers.

    In addition to now coloring background of your service score based on general level of the score (bad, moderate, good, great) in order to quickly establish how you are doing, we also give you thumbs-up if you are doing better than the average!

  • Devices and Software assets can now be filtered based on warnings and alerts.

    By clicking on the topic of an alert in Software and Devices main view you can now filter the grid based on that alert, furthermore drilling down on the specific devices or software products related to that alert, and exporting them from the list view.

  • Main dashboard now orders three alerts shown based on device or software count.

    Previously we would show (maximum of) three alerts or warnings from each category (Device, Software, Performance & Issues and Use) based on random. Now the main dashboard shows up to three alerts based on affected devices or software assets in descending order. This allow you to see quickly the most widely-affecting issues in your environment.

  • Criticality information for software is removed.

    Due to low use, we have decided to remove business criticality -slider and setting from the software product detail screen as well as associated graph from the main software view.

    You can achieve similar classification by creating custom tag type (e.g. "Criticality") and assigning number of tags in that category, reflecting the way you want to classify the criticality of the software for you.

  • New warning for agents inactive for 30+ days.

    We now show new warning for all computers having Applixure Agent that has not communicated with Applixure Platform for over 30 days. By default, Applixure will clean up such agents (and any software known to be on those machines) from showing up after 45 days of inactivity.

    Using this information you can check whether these computers are actually removed devices that are not going to show up anymore, or if there is some other issue preventing them from having contact with the Applixure (such as service not running, removed agent, issues with Internet connectivity or altogether physically disappeared computer).

  • Other stylistic updates and cleanups to the UI.

We also fixed the following known issues and bugs:

  • Previously, if computer where Applixure Agent was installed was out-of-sync from actual clock time for more than 10 minutes it couldn't communicate with the Applixure Platform resulting initial registration, updating and data uploads to fail.

    We now allow any clock discrepancy from the actual time for agents to prevent such computers not showing up at all in the UI, but like previously for agents in slight out-of-sync, there is a specific alert generated for all such agents. Based on this alert clock sync can be corrected as this condition typically negatively affects all network-based operations for software running on those computers (such as local AD authentication).

  • Utilization tracking for Applixure Agents has been fixed by rewritten tracking algorithm, and should now show much more accurately session utilization for devices in the UI whereas before number of devices where showing N/A for utilization.

  • Built-in browser (Internet Explorer) handling was rewritten and fixed in Applixure Agent. As IE is a "special" application not explicitly been installed and technically part of the OS, but never the less software needed to be shown in the Applixure UI, we have special handling for IE so that it shows up as individual software product with correct, actual, version.

  • Number of smaller and larger internal fixes and optimizations for Applixure Agents.

    Although the agents will download and update themselves on runtime, we recommend that you periodically update your software distribution and/or OS images with embedded Applixure Agents with the latest installer (MSI) package downloadable from the Applixure UI's Agent's page which are updated in tandem every time the self-update is published.

    This way you can ensure that your newly deployed computers are always running the latest code from the start.


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