Applixure release notes for 2016-12-08

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality:

  • Bulk operations for agent device removal and tags.

    We have added new functionality for removing multiple agent devices in one go, as well as tagging multiple agent devices and/or software products in one go. These new bulk operations can be accessed from Settings -section, under Bulk operations.

    In bulk operations, you can import list of agent device hostnames that your want remove in one go. Applixure will match the list against currently present agents in your environment, and mark all devices with matching hostname as removed.

    For tagging, you can similarly import CSV file listing tag type, tag value and the device hostname or software name, and Applixure will tag each found agent device or software product according specified tag. You can read more about bulk tagging from separate Helpcenter article.

  • New unified Applixure Agent installer.

    In addition to existing 32-bit and 64-bit MSI packages for Applixure Agent installation, we now offer unified EXE based installer for Applixure Agent. This agent installer will automatically detect if the machine it is being run on is 32-bit or 64-bit, and installs an appropriate version of the agent.

    New unified installer is designed to display user interface and expects user interaction, and is as such not recommended for mass deployment of Applixure Agents using automated software deployment such as Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM or similar tool.

    We have also updated our Agent installation instructions in the Helpcenter to reflect this new Agent installation option.

  • Alert event history now shows date in the tooltip.

    In the screen for individual agent device or software product, alert event history shows any found issues for the past rolling month. We have now added explicit date header for the tooltip displaying issue information, making it easier to get sense of the actual date without looking for start-of-week dates on the left and day name on the bottom.

  • Alerts and Warnings in Performane & Issues and Use dashboards link to list of assets.

    Previously, clicking on the header of certain alert or warning displayed in Devices or Software dashboards would filter the grid showing Agent devices or software products, subsequently allowing listing only those assets affected by the issue.

    As Performance & Issues dashboard do not show similar grid of assets, this filtering + listing options was unavailable for alerts and warnings shown in those views. We have now added linking directly to the list view of devices and/or software so it is now possible to go to the list of assets affected by the issue just by clicking on the header of the alert/warning.

  • Updates to software detection in Applixure Agent.

    We have improved the detection of complex software bundles in the Applixure Agent, which should result more accurate usage reporting for some packages that install multiple different components (either visible as separate software or not).

  • Fixes for miscellaneous technical issues and minor functionality improvements.


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