Applixure release notes for 2016-02-29

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality:


  • New security readiness indicators has been added.

    Since the last release, we have added following new security readiness items into device's details screen:

    - If the secure firmware type (UEFI) is in use for the device or not.

    - If the Secure Boot technology is available and enabled for the UEFI firmware.

    - If the device is under Windows domain / Active Directory -based centralized [policy] management or not.

    These new security readiness items now also affect the device and operating system security readiness ratings for the devices.

    Furthermore, security readiness section in the device's details screen now shows the overall rating for three categories (device security readiness, operating system security readiness and user accounts security readiness) with color-coding to the right of the respective categories.

  • Detection of Windows 10 Insider Release Preview servicing ring.

    For those customers participating in Windows 10 Insider program, Microsoft introduced new update ring called "Release Preview" ( in addition to original Fast and Slow.

    Main Devices dashboard now shows machines participating in this update cycle in the Windows 10 servicing graph as well:

  • Windows 8 RTM is now reported as end-of-life.

    Machines with Windows 8 without 8.1 update (per Microsoft lifecycle fact sheet for official support: are now considered end-of-life for the operating system by the Applixure.

  • Updates to UI responsiveness and feedback.

  • Various fixes for found issues.


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