Applixure release notes for 2016-05-27

In this release, we brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality:

  • Account setting management and subscriptions status.

    It is now possible to manage and update your Applixure account's basic information from the UI.

    Account -related settings can be accessed from within the Settings -tab at the menu on top.

    Within the account settings screen, you can also see and track your current Applixure subscription's status, or the end of the trial period.

    By default, all new Applixure signups will get one month of trial period, but it is possible to do trial extension for up to additional two weeks during the last trial week if one month has not been long enough to make purchasing decision.

    Two week trial extensions can be requested automatically through the Account settings -page. If a longer trial period is required, these can be requested through manual process by contacting Applixure Sales at

  • Self-service subscriptions with credit card.

    In addition to adding ability to track subscriptions, we have now enabled fully self-service -based subscription activation and management.

    Self-service subscriptions can be purchased using credit card (currently supported cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express), with subscription periods either one month (monthly billing) or one year (annual billing).

    For automated credit-card payments, Applixure utilizes external payment processor and billing management by Chargify, meaning that Applixure won't save or process your sensitive full credit card data.

    Once you have activated a subscription, you can also access your account statements (i.e. invoices) from the Account management screen, and for self-service -based subscriptions you can also cancel your subscription at any time (your account and environment will stay open until end of the currently paid period).

  • Hide application -button was moved into more visible position.

    While it has been possible to manually hide some products from viewing even before now, we decided to move the hide button into more visible place.

    Now the button to hide the product is shown directly beneath the history trend graph:

    Please note: hiding a product in Applixure is an operation that only should be done to those products that are truly mis-detected one-off applications and as such not a real, installed or deployed, products on devices. Reversing the hide operation is not currently supported through the UI so it should be done in careless manner.

  • Number of UI elements have been updated and clarified.

  • Fixes for found technical issues.


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