Applixure release notes for 2018-02-12

Since the last release notes, we have brought to you the following new features, changes and enhancements to existing functionality:

  • Applixure user accounts self-service management.

    As a long-due feature, it is now possible to manage your own Applixure user accounts through the Applixure Web UI.

    With user accounts management capabilities, you can create, edit and delete users who are able to login in and access the data that Applixure platform collects and refines from your devices.

    User accounts can be defined at two separate authorization levels, for Applixure Account and Applixure Environment level, with different set of permissions available depending on the level. It is also possible to cross-authorize other user accounts existing in the Applixure platform to provide access to your monitoring environment's data.

    You can read in more detail about user accounts management in Applixure from our Helpcenter article.

  • Applixure environment's settings can now be configured.

    As it has already been possible for the Applixure Account -related settings, you can now also configure basic information related to each individual Applixure environment.

    These settings initially include the name and description of the environment, as well as the contact information and display currency unit for the environment.


    Access to the environment's configuration is limited to user accounts having full administrative permissions to the environment.

  • Refinement of user permissions in Applixure.

    As a related change to overall user accounts management now available in Applixure, some of the features in Applixure UI have now been properly been tied to new [environment -level] user account permissions available to be enabled or disabled on per user basis.

    For all administrative actions related to accessing Applixure Agent installers, as well as being able to manually remove individual or multiple Applixure Agent devices showing up in the UI, permission of Manage Applixure Agents is required.

    For all administrative actions related to creating or applying tags for devices and software, as well as changing any user settable software attribute (such as approval status), permission of Manage asset properties is required.

    User accounts having only regular user permissions, but none of the additional permissions for the environment, can only view the data but not change anything.

  • Firmware (BIOS/UEFI) version field to CSV export and API data.

    New field that tells the detected installed device firmware (BIOS/UEFI) version has been added to devices CSV export and to the Connect API's Agent -related data. This field is currently available for devices running Windows operating system.

    Please note that this information is not presently shown in the device's data in Applixure Web UI.

  • Fixes for miscellaneous technical issues and minor functionality improvements.


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