IP addresses used by Applixure Agent

For Applixure's cloud platform to receive data from the installed Applixure Agents, Agent needs to be able to send and receive data using HTTPS protocol (TCP port 443).

While under most circumstances you should not need to do any explicit configuration to firewalls to allow this communication to happen, in case there is an explicit firewalling of outbound connections on either the host (computer) level or at the network perimeter level affecting traffic to TCP port 443 on the Internet, you will need to whitelist addresses used for the Agent communication.

If possible, we recommend using firewall rules that define allowed target addresses using DNS name resolution as this will remove the need to later on manually re-define actual IP addresses behind those DNS names to the firewall rules(s) should there be a any change in actual IP addresses resolved by the DNS names.


DNS names to whitelist (preferred)

If using DNS names, you should whitelist HTTPS communication to the following addresses from Applixure Agents for both IPv4 and IPv6:



IP addresses to whitelist (optional)

If usage of DNS names is not possible for firewall rules, you should whitelist the following IP addresses:

IPv4 for api.applixure.com and 1.api.applixure.online

IPv6 for api.applixure.com and 1.api.applixure.online



IPv4 for cert.applixure.com
 IPv6 for cert.applixure.com 2a04:3545:1000:720:d0e6:51ff:fe6c:529f

Please note that you should periodically check back on this article to see if the set IP addresses to whitelist have changed, and update your firewall rules accordingly!


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