Configuring Microsoft Power BI Template App to access your environment data

Ready-made Template App for Power BI is available for all Applixure subscribers to install from the Microsoft Power BI AppSource.

By using Power BI App, it is possible to build customized reports and dashboard based on the data that Applixure has collected from your monitoring environment. In the ready-made App supplied by the Applixure in the AppSource, there are number of pre-made example reports but you can easily customize the content to suit intended reporting scenario.

Please note that in order to use our ready-made Power BI App, your will need to have a Power BI Pro subscription.


Enable access for Power BI in Applixure UI

Before the Power BI App is able to access your Applixure environment's data, you will need to enable Power BI integration in the Applixure's portal. You can do so by following the steps outlined below.

Please note: If you have multiple different Applixure environments in use, you will need to do this operation separately for each one. One Applixure PowerBI App instance is tied to one specific Applixure environment, but you can instantiate/install multiple copies of the same App in your PowerBI portal.

  1. Select the Settings -tab on the topmost menu in Applixure. From the Settings page, choose "Integrations and API access" selection under environment settings.


    In order to see Integration and API access selection, your user account needs to have administrative rights to the Applixure environment for which you want to access data from.

  2. On the Integrations -page, choose Microsoft Power BI section and enable the access using the toggle, if the integration has not yet been enabled.


  3. After Applixure has successfully enabled the access for Power BI App, you should see entries for your Applixure's Environment ID, as well as credentials in Username and Password fields.

    Copy all of these values, unmodified and as-is, since you will need to supply them to the Power BI App installation procedure. You can click on the orange clipboard icon next to each text box to copy value to your clipboard.


Add and configure Power BI App in

In the Microsoft Power BI web site ( after you have logged on using your Microsoft organizational account, follow the steps below to install and configure Applixure's Power BI App to your workspace.

  1. Click on the Get Data button on the bottom-left corner of the Power BI.


  2. In the Get Data screen, choose Discover content and Get -button from Services to access publicly available Apps.


  3. Browse or search for Applixure in the list of available Apps. Click on the Get it now to add the App to your workspace.


  4. When new Applixure Power BI App has been installed in PowerBI, choose it to configure connection to your data. You must first supply the Applixure environment ID that you copied in the step 3 when enabling the PowerBI access in Applixure UI (replace the default text of all zeroes in the configuration screen).

    This will tell App which Applixure environment's data it is going to retrieve.


  5. After pressing Next to advance, you must now supply the credentials that Power BI uses to authenticate against Applixure to be able to read your environment's data.


    In the User name -field, please write or paste the Username text that you copied in the step 3 while enabling Power BI access. Similarly, on the Password -field you should write or paste the Password text from the earlier step. We recommend copy+pasting the text to ensure there is no errors writing out complex long strings of text.

    Please also make sure that if copying the text from somewhere, there are no extra leading or trailing empty characters ("spaces") copied along for Username or Password fields.

    You should also set privacy level setting required for the connection.

  6. If the credentials validate correctly for the environment ID supplied, Applixure Power BI App should now start populating the default Dashboard and Reports in your new Power BI Workspace. After the installation, you can also rename the App workspace just added from the default "Applixure" to one of your liking especially if you intend to add more than one Applixure environment's data.


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