How does Applixure knows my device location (country)?

Country -based location shown in the Applixure Agent's information - both in the Web UI and in the Connect API data - is based on the public IP -address from where the Agent is communicating to the Applixure's cloud service.

This IP address is then compared with the information from the public geolocation services that map registered IP -addresses to their assumed physical location, which is what Applixure will show as Agent device's location.

As modern operating systems are by default privacy-restricted from sharing sensitive information with the applications - such as location and other identifying data - without explicit end-user consent, Applixure is unable to use location data from the operating system. Therefore, we have to fall back on using the IP address as the defining factor for location detection.

Please note: due to to the nature of geolocation services and IP-addresses sometimes changing their country of use without registries keeping up at the same pace, location information returned by Applixure should be taken as informative only.

Furthermore, use of centralized routing to Internet from the internal networks in multinational organisations and/or the use of VPN services may cause outward-visible IP address to show different location with respect to actual residence of the Agent device. For this reason, in those scenarios the country location reported by Applixure may not actually reflect the actual physical location of the Agent itself.


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