Alert/warning description: High memory usage

Alert/warning summary

Device is experiencing repeated high physical memory usage, which may indicate insufficient memory capacity on device for intended workload


ALERT ID F2319FE6-400A-4108-80F1-ABB0EC525F7B


What causes this alert/warning?

This alarm is caused by frequent high memory usage events.

Applixure Agent checks the total usage of the physical memory by all processes running on the system and when high memory utilization is detected, it indicates that the Operating System is probably doing hard page faults (i.e. paging memory to and from disk).

This situation might show to user as device slowing down if there are multiple programs open simultaneously.

Threshold values

  • Multiple instances on a weekly basis
  • Total working set usage near 100% (exact threshold varies based on installed memory size)
  • Committed memory more than 150%
  • High-memory usage length more than 60 seconds

How should I react?

High memory usage could desired effect in some devices ex. database usage or development machines but if it isn't intended it might indicate that the physical memory is too low for the intended use case. In this case the amount of memory should be increased.

Which resources are affected?

In devices dashboard clicking the alert name, in alert list, filters the dashboard device list to contain all devices with the same alert.

Clicking 'Show more' link in the alert box expands the container to show the list of all affected devices.


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