Alert/warning description: Device clock is drifting

Alert/warning summary

Device is having problem keeping actual time (clock drifting) and if it grows too large, time difference can cause failed authentications and other issues for network -based services.


ALERT ID 91D9D03E-A32E-4F1E-A68B-99E282F2B288


What causes this alert/warning?

Clock drift is measured by Applixure Agent by comparing device's reported time to Applixure's backend. If there is enough difference (more than +-2 minutes) situation is noted, if this continues more than once then time difference is reported.

Threshold values

  • Difference more than +-2 minutes.
  • Drift under 180 seconds, Low impact
  • Drift between 180 and 300 seconds, medium impact
  • Drift over 300 seconds, High impact

How should I react?

Clock drift is defined as the clock going out of sync. Device real-time clock can be broken or it's settings are not correct. In virtual machines the clock can move faster than the hardware (Host) time. As a result, the Virtual Machine's clock drift can accumulate rapidly and prevent NTP from working correctly.

Clock drift can have serious adverse effects to a device and software usage. It can block communication to network -based services and cause failed authentications.

Check that the device time settings are correct (NTP server is configured and reachable) and that computer's real-time clock can accurately keep time without starting to drift.

Which resources are affected?

In devices dashboard clicking the alert name, in alert list, filters the dashboard device list to contain all devices with the same alert.

Clicking 'Show more' link in the alert box expands the container to show the list of all affected devices.




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