Alert/warning description: Device has end-of-life OS

Alert/warning summary

Obsolete or near obsolete operating system.


ALERT ID F76E83DA-963A-42DD-B8C4-32845BFCD8AB


What causes this alert/warning?

Device is running with operating system or operating system release version at end-of-life. This will have impact on operating systems serviceability such as not necessarily receiving security updates anymore.

Threshold values

Depends on the OS used. External references contain list of links to lifetime documents.

How should I react?

Update operating system to a supported version.

Running out of support operating system can easily open up your devices to number of security vulnerabilities and cause issues with software and peripherals used with the operating system no longer functioning correctly with obsolete versions.

Which resources are affected?

In devices dashboard clicking the alert name, in alert list, filters the dashboard device list to contain all devices with the same alert.
Clicking 'Show more' link in the alert box expands the container to show the list of all affected devices.

Alert messages

"## devices having end-of-life OS"
Device has end-of-life OS"

External references 
No official EOL policy for Apple, but macOS versions not receiving anymore security updates
are de facto EOLed: 



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