Alert/warning description: Non-responsive software products

Alert/warning summary

Software product frequently stops responding to the user, indicating potential performance issues on device or software quality issue.


SOURCE Software


What causes this alert/warning?

Applixure Agent is monitoring the time in which the GUI -based application responds to Windows events (keyboard events, mouse events, paint messages etc.). If the software does not response for over 10 seconds - the same threshold Windows's shell uses for detection - to any of the messages then the application is detected as being non-responsive. 

Threshold values

  • More than one non-responsiveness event per week.

How should I react?

Non-responsive applications typically indicate GUI applications that run I/IO intensive operations on a UI-thread which will block or disrupt the message processing of messages from the Windows. This is problem with the internal architecture of the application that only the vendor of that application can correct in the code.

Which resources are affected?

In software dashboard clicking the alert name, in alert list, filters the dashboard software list to contain all software with the same alert.

Clicking 'Show more' link in the alert box expands the container to show the list of software with the same alert. Under each software there is list of all affected devices.

Alert messages

"No. non-responsive software products"
"Non-responsive software products"
"Non-responsive software product"



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