Alert/warning description: Boot time slowing down on device

Alert/warning summary

This device is taking over twice the time to boot to the login screen from what it took 6 months ago.


SOURCE Device/Use
ERROR CODE 92285CAF-DADD-4BF6-8EF7-772612A717A7


What causes this alert/warning?

Boot time is calculated from the device start to the point where login screen is shown. In newer Windows devices time is measured from boot performance metrics as reported by the Operating System, other cases from the startup time of (first) logon-process. It represents the time from when Windows considers boot to start to the point where user can login to device.

If device boot time is taking twice the time what it took 6 months ago then this alert is shown.

Threshold values

  • Boot time more than than 20 seconds
  • Boot time more than twice the time what it took 6 months ago (Boot time delta > 100)

How should I react?

If your Windows 10 PC is booting slowly, there might be problems with your hardware or software. Use the Windows 10 Startup Manager to disable the apps that might cause the Windows 10 slow startup issues. Updating BIOS might solve the slow boot problem. GPU drivers should also be up to date.

In the Active Directory environment, if synchronous Group Policy processing is enabled make sure that the GPOs are processed in the timely manner.

You can troubleshoot and trace boot performance issues with Windows Performance Toolkit (xperf) that can reveal in detail what part of the boot process is taking most of the time.

Which resources are affected?

In device dashboard clicking the alert name, in alert list, filters the dashboard device list to contain all devices with the same alert.

Clicking 'Show more' link in the alert box expands the container to show the list of all affected devices  with the same alert.

Alert messages

"Boot times slowing down on ## device/devices"
"Boot time slowing down on device"




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